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All That I Am . . .

Is Not All That I Seem To Be

18 September
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  • 42variables@livejournal.com




Avid and voracious reader.

Smart ass.


Owner of a half made duct tape top hat (must complete soon) and a fedora.

Inordinately fond of cryptography and programming (I know, bad writer - we're supposed to run screaming from math, right? Whoops).

Want to be Alan Turing when I grow up.

Has a perpetual sleep deficit.

Related to the sleep deficit, has a near addiction to tea and coffee of all sorts.

Lazy, but I tend to have random spurts of productivity that last for a couple days then die, so I might write four or five fics in a week then post nothing for a month.

If you see a fic lagging that you want to read more of PM me or write a review telling me to get off my lazy arse. I can't vouch for its efficacy, but you can try.


I'm willing to beta for anyone (do check my Beta profile before sending me anything though. There are a few things that I won't Beta, and I do request that you at least give it a once over before sending it to me) whether I know the fandom or not, but if I don't, I obviously can't check characterization, fandom related facts etc. I'm also currently looking for a beta if anyone is interested.


Review. Whether you love my fics or think they're the worst piece of literature since Mein Kampf, tell me. I'd prefer a scathing review that details things I should fix than a glowing, meaningless one (obviously, what I'd really like is a glowing review, that also points out flaws, but a person can't have everything). Tell me things to improve and things you'd like to see again. There's a limit to how much I can get better if I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Tell me if you think that I'm killing canon (assuming of course, that it is a fic that is meant to comply with cannon. If it is AU and you complain about the lack of cannon, I will laugh in your face) or completely fucking with a character's personality, or that my writing style is to choppy or too descriptive or just plain doesn't make sense. If you find something offensive or tasteless, I'd like to know.

However, if what you dislike is the pairing, or the character, or the orientation of the character, or religion, or anything along those lines, please save your time. I won't change it for you, and all it does is piss me off.

I do respond to reviews, generally in a timely manner, but I do have a life, and I do go places without internet, and I do have times when I cannot do so. The same goes for PMs.

Other Communities/Places you can find me:

FF.Net: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/2735622/
Tumblr: http://42gears.tumblr.com/
Nanowrimo (although, mostly only during the month of November): http://www.nanowrimo.org/en/participants/42gears


If I have written in a fandom, then I will take requests for fics in it. I will (probably) not write anything longer than a oneshot for it. Of course it might snag my imagination and become something longer, but no guarantees. Feel free to send a request for a pairing, but romance is not my strongest suit (although I am working on it), so be warned. There are a few things that I will not write (incest, graphic sex, m-preg etc). If you are not sure if it fits my guidelines, send it to me and I will tell you.